We use 2 names to name our chocolates: Gguni Dates Cacao and Chocolada:


Gguni Dates Cacao is the main name with several meanings:

Gguni - are the abbreviations of the names in our family:

Dates - double meaning in English: 1. Date fruits, or 2. to have a date with someone.

Cacao - is of course the cacao.

So the two meanings of the whole name are: Gguni family, Date fruits and Cacao, or Gguni family dates cacao.

Chocolada is a suplementary and simplified name. The meaning of this name is:  lithuanian word Ĺ okoladas  (Chocolate)  made Spanish way. So this name represents the country we originaly are from - Lithuania and the country were we live and produce our chocolates in - Spain.